Hey there, welcome

I’m glad you’ve decided to check out the website! This is a platform for me to share more than what the rules and constructs of some social media platforms will allow. If you will, a melting pot for all types of media and content!

I’m Kelli. I am an Aquarius and Florida native. I was a dumb kid and started smoking cannabis probably way too young, but never the less, here we are, alive and thriving. I use cannabis both because it helps with many ailments I suffer through and it is also a fun way to relax! For most of my life I have dealt with chronic back pain due to having scoliosis, and cannabis really helps take the edge of the pain off most days! I have struggled with depression and anxiety among other mental health issues and cannabis has always delivered the most consistent results with the least damaging side effects.

I love to be outside in the sun especially in or near the water. I get very down in the dumps when the weather is cold and rainy for too long. During the warm months of the year (which is most of them here in FL) you can find us out on the rivers or the inter coastal water ways on the jet skis!

My fur babies are my world. Diesel is my chunky boy who loves to chase his ball all day long almost as much as he loves his treats! Zoey is my snuggle girl who is always game for laying out in the sun or taking a nap together. Noodles is my crazy kitty who looks like she is going to stay a small girl forever, she is almost two and still large kitten sized, which I am completely okay with.

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